Battle of Slots

High 5 Games

High5Games brings constantly some fresh breeze to the slot industry. This New York based provider has been around for a long while now, all the way from 1995. However, this doesn’t mean that they are stuck in the past. Vice versa! Their products are filled with the most amazing and modern 3D graphics and animations and some intriguing features for the players to fall in love into. High5Games has grown its game selection year after year and is now a proud provider of over 300 games – quite an achievement we must say. 

From the very beginning High5Games has been a game provider, that can serve different markets, everywhere in the world. It is based in US, which make it a specialist in that market. But their games are played everywhere in the world and High5Games is growing and expanding where ever it feels it is needed. Some time ago they opened offices in UK, to get deeper into UK’s market. High5Games’ games are played almost all over the world, in 6 continents and in 50 countries. These are quite impressive numbers, so this provider is not fighting with the featherweights anymore.

To create the most interesting, entertaining and unique games, High5Games has gathered some of the best scientists and artists in the industry. Their team works hard to create and develop the perfect games so there are some definite gems in High5Games’ game library. This talented team is constantly growing and we are sure that they haven’t still achieved their full potential and there will be plenty to look forward to, what it comes to High5Games’ upcoming titles!

In 2012 High5Games took a step to social media and launched the platform for Facebook slots. This was a success and Facebook based High 5 Casino is still up and running. Besides that, this global company has reach to Asian markets and opened a casino named Shake the Sky. This casino is mainly targeted to Asian players. 

Besides penetrating to different markets and launching casinos, High5Games has done a lot more. And proof of that stands in their award shelf. This game provider has achieved multiple rewards from its outstanding work in gaming industry. To take a few examples, we could mention American Gaming Association’s Best Communication Plan Award High 5 Games won in 2012, Social Casino Product of the Year EGR granted in 2014 and Best Manufacturer of the Year award that was granted by ICE totally gaming in 2013. There might still be lot more awards to collect for this game provider, so we should all keep High5Games’ name in our minds.

Is it High5Games’ creativity, superb skills or maybe the perfect timing why it has gathered such a fame around itself? Maybe it is all of these factors, but the fact is, that the amazing partnerships it has, have helped a lot too. High5Games’ partners are none less than IGT, Bally and Scientific Games, to mention a few. Even though High5Games is not a small name itself, are these huge and famous companies definitely helped it to grow and gather the fame it has today. 

High5Games has come a long way from 1995 to this point. It has achieved many milestones along the way. First of all, High5Games produced its first video slots in 2002, seven years after it was founded. They worked hard, and succeeded in penetrating in over 50 different countries just 10 years after the company was founded. Time went by, great games were released and then came the year 2009, when High5Games achieved their 200-game milestone. And from that point onwards, it was just more and more success for High5Games. Of course, the success needs some hard work to happen, but clearly High5Games has done that as well. 

High5Games has brought players some amazing games and beloved features. You might know Michelangelo and its Tumbling Reels or Majestic Sea with the double symbols. Or some of their other beautiful games like Jaguar Princess. 

Now we will take a closer look to some of High5Games’ best video slot titles.

Majestic Sea video slot opens a view all the way to the bottom of the ocean. You will see an amazingly blue sea spread in front of your eyes but also some colourful corals. This tranquil background is perfect for the reels, on which there is constant action going on. Playful turtles are swimming here and there; some jellyfish are floating around, and you might even see a shark! If you are lucky, you might catch enough pearls to enter the Free Spins, which you might get even up to 10.

Michelangelo is another great creation of Hig5Games. In the spotlight of this game, there are the 5 reels with golden frames. The symbols on the reels of the Michelangelo video slot are not spinning but tumbling down. This brings some more excitement to this art-filled game. You will have 99 paylines to activate and there are also some free spins to catch, just land 3 free spins symbols on the reels. 

The third game we are presenting to you from High5Games is called Jaguar Princess. In this jungle-themed video slot you will be accompanied by a girl, who years and years ago got lost in the jungle. Today this girl lives with the big cats, and is called Jaguar Princess. On the reels of this beautiful game, you might see a wild symbol but also claws, which might take you to the Free Spins. Jaguar Princess is, as all the other High5Games’ games, filled with action and entertainment. 

High5Games was founded more than 20 years ago, but it hasn’t got stuck in the past. It has got older with certain grace, that you rarely see. This game provider has the talent and the experience to create one of the most intriguing and most beautiful games in the industry, but there is also something more in which we really can’t get our finger into. Maybe that is the secret magical ingredient they seem to add into their games to make them outstanding over and over again.